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A next-generation billing and customer management system.

About NISC

NISC helps electric cooperatives launch and operationalize broadband services.

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) is an information technology company that develops and supports software and hardware solutions for their Member-Owners, who are primarily utility cooperatives and broadband companies, across the nation. NISC is an industry leader providing advanced, integrated IT solutions for consumer and subscriber billing, accounting, engineering, and operations, as well as many other leading edge IT solutions.

This integration enables us to rapidly scale up our broadband operations. With the flow-through provisioning, Alianza's NISC integration eliminates swivel chair procedures, which improves our operational efficiency and, more importantly, produces a better customer experience.
Mark T. Cook, P.E., Broadband ManagerCumberland Connect

Benefits of Alianza's Integration with NISC iVUE Connect

Our joint solution means cooperatives can easily scale up the onboarding and support experience for their members.
Seamless Provisioning
Flow-Through Provisioning

Flow-through provisioning between the platforms, which is supported via APIs, reduces swivel chair management and improves operational efficiency.

Account Management
Account Management

Create and activate new accounts and update existing account features, including phone numbers, devices, billing, and other services.

Reduce Swivel Chair
Reduce Swivel Chair

Service provider staff can now enter, update, and retrieve customer information in a single back-office platform to seamlessly provision joint customers.

Alianza is a leading provider of cloud communications to the electric cooperatives boldly adding broadband to the essential services they deliver to their communities. Our members greatly simplified operations with automation from our integrations with Alianza’s cloud VoIP solution.
Ryan Larson, Sr Product Strategy & Marketing ManagerNISC

NISC is an Alianza Technology Ecosystem Partner

NISC and Alianza have partnered to dramatically simplify VoIP management, accelerate time to revenue, and reduce the cost of delivering cloud communications.

NISC’s iVUE Connect provides a complete suite of broadband billing, customer management, and provisioning solutions for electric cooperatives, and Alianza’s cloud communications platform provides a turnkey VoIP solution that enables broadband providers to deliver residential and business services. Working together, the Alianza-NISC integration automates workflows to reduce costs and accelerate time to revenue for VoIP services.


Our Joint Customers Include

Bandera Electric Cooperative
Choptank Fiber
Jasper County REMC logo
Horizon Telcom
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Business Cloud Communications
"With Alianza, you've got way more flexibility than you've ever had at half the cost," said Tim McGaha of Choptank Electric Cooperative.