We built the complete platform you need to deliver cloud communication services and we host it in our cloud.


Core Platform

Cloud Comm Platform dia Core

Our platform is elastic, multi-tenant, and based on microservices, making it an agile and reliable platform on which you can build your cloud communications business.

It's carrier-grade for scale, security, and reliability, hosted in geo-redundant data centers and an active/active architecture that protects your service uptime.

Our approach is API-first, enabling customers and partners build to and extend our core functionality.

Our SIP-based proprietary software provides the complete technology package including SBC, session management core/softswitch, media and feature servers, fraud detection and prevention to power your cloud communications portfolio.


Cloud Comm Platform - Products

Alianza’s rich set of end-user features can be packaged in multiple ways to create a portfolio of residential and business communication services. We support home phone, business lines, SIP trunks, cloud PBX, and collaboration. We can also embed and extend cloud PBX services to mobile phones, tablets and PCs.

Our Logic Layer binds all the software elements together and enables the platform to be managed as a single integrated system rather than as individual functions or boxes.


Platform Services

Cloud Comm Platform dia Services


We are setting the new standard for automation, operational efficiency, and simplicity for cloud communications. We provide you with a powerful toolset to manage the platform and control interactions with the service delivery ecosystem, including devices, billing systems, and carriers.

We built intuitive web portals for your operational staff and your end users. Instead of configuring boxes and coordinating action across multiple functional elements, your staff simply focuses on the business outcomes: getting customers on-board and making them happy. Plus, we provide you the tools to analyze data and provide business intelligence.

Admin Portal addresses every aspect of cloud communications service management—spanning service definition and packaging, troubleshooting and support and managing carrier services and inventory. With secure rights-based permissions, multiple administrative roles can be enabled for all staff, including product managers, customer service representatives, controllers, and support technicians.