We built all the infrastructure elements that you need to deliver VoIP and UC services and we host it in our cloud.


Core Platform

Our standards-based proprietary software provides the complete technology package including SBC, session management core/softswitch, media and feature servers, fraud detection and prevention and device provisioning.


Session Border Controller

Analyzes and modifies VoIP signaling and media flows to ensure interoperability, security and control across IP network boundaries. The SBC protects our platform from external attacks and overloads. The SBC also provides NAT traversal and secure pinholes that enable VoIP delivery when end-user devices are located behind a firewall or use private IP address spaces.


Session Management

Our core softswitch functionality handles device registration, call routing, and setup and teardown for voice and video calls.


Feature Server

This is our application server that runs the service logic for processing and managing end-user features. The Alianza Feature Server also includes the media server to play and process prompts, tones and announcements and provides a complete voice mail system.


Carrier Interface

Software and APIs that manage the connection with the providers of carrier services. This interface facilitates and automates number inventory management, number portability, and compliance with emergency services and lawful intercept.


Billing Support System

Enables service providers to define rates, billing cycles and charges associated with their voice services. This system rates individual call detail records (CDRs) and tracks monthly recurring charges, nonrecurring charges and other transactions. These transactions are calculated in real-time and compiled into reports for both end-users and your staff. We’ve also built-in a power fraud detection and prevention system to reduce your risk.


Device Provisioning

We build the golden configuration and then auto-provision CPE (e.g., ATAs, IP phones, soft clients) directly from Cloud Voice Platform or via third-party solutions. Once devices are successfully installed, future configuration changes such as scheduled updates or upgrades are automatically performed by Alianza without any intervention from the end-user or service provider staff.


Logic Layer

Our Logic Layer binds all the software elements together and enables the platform to be managed as a single integrated system rather than as individual functions or boxes.

Using our REST APIs, we enable multiple back-office integration points and allows service providers to automate and scale business processes. This enables scale, reduces error and further reduces operational expenditures.

Alianza’s data feeds provide business intelligence, invoicing information and data for operational planning. 



We focus on easy and simple with a comprehensive and integrated approach to voice service management. We built intuitive web portals for your operational staff and your end-users. Instead of configuring boxes and coordinating action across multiple functional elements, your staff simply focuses on the business outcomes: getting customers on-board and making them happy.

Admin Portal addresses every aspect of voice service management—spanning service definition and packaging, troubleshooting and support and managing carrier services and inventory. With secure rights-based permissions, multiple administrative roles can be enabled for all staff–product managers, customer service representatives, financial controllers and support technicians.

Our End User Portal extends a subset of functionality to your customers so they can manage their accounts.



Alianza’s rich set of end-user features can be packaged in multiple ways to create a portfolio of residential and business communication services. We support home phone, basic business lines, hosted PBX/UCaaS, and SIP trunking. We can also embed and extend these services to LTE and WiFi connected devices like mobile phones, tablets and PCs.