Wholesale Voice Market — Clouds on the Radar

Since joining Alianza in March I’ve spoken with a number of industry analysts about VoIP market dynamics and why there is a compelling need to change how voice services are delivered. Some analysts I’ve know for many years since my days as a member of that same institution of industry illuminators or from my time at Acme Packet. And some are recent acquaintances that have resulted in some great dialogues on cloud and the wholesale voice market. One such new conversation was with Ovum’s Paris Burstyn.

Paris covers the wholesale voice market and knows well many of our partners on the carrier services side. The Alianza services layer on top of that and provide the complete VoIP outsource solution for all types and sizes of service providers. Ovum recently published a report highlighting this new type of service entitled On the Radar: Alianza.

The summary of the report states:

“Using Alianza’s software-as-as-service platform, a wide range of carriers can support their customers’ dynamic requirements for voice capacity and reach without investing in, or taking losses on, their own infrastructure.”


“Alianza is a new type of wholesale carrier with a compelling business case for next-generation voice services.”

We are excited about the growing recognition of cloud voice platforms and how they solve real business pain points using the latest technological advances. Read more in our white paper Cloud Phones: 9 Transformative Benefits for Service Providers