Together, We Connect People

To our Customers:

Alianza’s purpose of connecting people is more important than ever. You make that possible; you are enabling the critical communications homes and businesses rely on during this time of social distancing. I applaud you and your teams for your dedication and business flexibility as you deliver essential services to your subscribers.

Please rest assured that at Alianza, we fully appreciate the critical nature of the services we offer and I am proud of how our platform has performed during these unprecedented times. We’ve always prepared for large spikes in traffic. The last few weeks put that investment to the test. We saw near-50% increase in load without impact to our customers or end user calls.

We’re not alone in seeing this surge of usage (see Verizon: Traffic Surge on Network During Pandemic Includes Dramatic Increase in Something Familiar and Voice Calling Spikes Under COVID-19 Lockdowns, But Home Internet Holds Up ).

Your customers are driving that increase: working from home, talking to healthcare professionals remotely, and connecting to friends and family. They value the quality, and reliability of wireline phones (also see The Importance of Home Phone in Today’s Broadband Worldand certain businesses are dependent on them to thrive. It is during times like these that we are benefiting from many years worth of investment that Alianza has dedicated to ensuring that our platform is built to maintain high performance while scaling.


Last week we updated our COVID-19 policy. Like you, we are focused on employee and customer health and safety. And we’re ready to support our customers in this challenging time.

If we can help you set up employees to work remotely, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager, we’re here to help.

Take care and be well!