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About GLDS

Great Lakes Data Systems (GLDS) offers end-to-end customer management, all from the cloud. Whether it’s simple digital box activation, or complete multi-service broadband operations, GLDS supports the tools needed to operate like a Tier 1 operator, without the infrastructure and maintenance. GLDS is an Alianza billing partner that provides a complete suite of billing, customer management, and provisioning solutions for small-to-medium broadband providers.

Our Joint Customers Include

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Alianza & GLDS Simplify Management for Broadband Providers

GLDS and Alianza have partnered to dramatically simplify VoIP management, accelerate time to revenue, and reduce the cost of delivering cloud communications. Alianza’s cloud communications platform provides a turnkey VoIP solution that enables broadband providers to deliver residential and business services. Together Alianza and GLDS provide a complete solution encompassing both voice service delivery and comprehensive back-office functions, including account creation, number activation, billing, and customer care. GLDS is a member of the Alianza Technology Partner Program and Alianza’s cloud communications platform is a GLDS Certified voice solution.

We believe that the lowest cost and most agile approach to broadband infrastructure can be found in the cloud. The partnership and proven integration with Alianza will make it easier, faster and less expensive for small and large service providers to deploy and manage VoIP.
Garrick Russell, PresidentGLDS

GLDS Integration & Benefits at a Glance

Growing Telco Revenue
Account Management

Enter, update, and retrieve customer information in a single back-office platform.

Growing Telco Revenue
Soft Customer Disconnect

Including both device and service suspension or limiting.

Growing Telco Revenue
Phone Services

Add or modify numbers and devices, including both device and service updates.

Growing Telco Revenue
Billing Data

Accelerate activation, porting, and billing with rated call detail records (CDRs).


TDM and Softswitch

CASE STUDYHow Adams Cable Eliminated a “Horrible” Manual Process

Learn how new number creations was streamlined and the 3-day process eliminated.
TDM and Softswitch

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