3 Key UC Features Service Providers Must Offer Remote Workers

One of the biggest advantages of a cloud-based Unified Communications platform is the ability to recruit and integrate team members literally anywhere in the world.

Remote workers are the new norm. For this reason, it’s imperative for organizations to provide workers with the tools that they need, to not only perform their daily duties, but also make them feel like an integral part of the team.

In this blog, we share three key features that service providers should provide customers with workers who are being on boarded remotely. 


1. Cloud meetings with voice and video calling

This is essential for any team member working away from the office.

Video or cloud meetings are important because they add a human element to interactions among colleagues as opposed to being just a “voice on the other side of the phone.” This can go a long way in increasing morale and minimizing the risk of remote workers feeling isolated.

With a cloud PBX solution, service providers can leave their current infrastructure in place to deliver legacy voice services, like home phone and basic business lines, but use a new SaaS platform for modern cloud PBX and SIP trunking services.

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2. Chat and instant messaging (IM)

No feature unlocks the ability to communicate smoothly between colleagues better than IM. We have all been there. A question arises and an answer is needed immediately. The party who is needed is in a conference call or on the go. IM allows this interaction to happen instantaneously and on the fly.

There are situations when it is more efficient to send a couple of lines to a colleague instead of calling or worse, sending an email that will most likely be lost in an ocean of correspondence.

IM allows your workforce to communicate efficiently regardless of their location.

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3. Screen sharing

Screen sharing is a powerful tool for users who need to give demonstrations, provide support or lead a discussion while they are not physically in the same location.

Whether is with clients or even with their own team, screen sharing will empower remote workers to give a sales pitch, to share the latest financial results or to unveil the newest creative for a campaign. All from where they are.


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There are many other UC features that provide remote workers with a robust arsenal to improve their productivity, however these are our top picks. 

Alianza is the first company to deliver a full stack cloud communications platform for service providers. We offer service providers a product suite that enables them with all the necessary UC features to compete and win like never before.

Using our solution, service providers can achieve two important business objectives:

  • Grow revenue and market share with clear product leadership for voice, unified communications, messaging, and cloud meetings
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Kevin Mitchell