Service Providers: Here’s Why You Need a Business Text Messaging Solution

People love texting. According to a CTIA Annual Survey, there were 2.1 TRILLION messages exchanged in 2019. Savvy businesses use SMS to connect, engage with their customers, and digitally transform communications for the markets they serve. With a business text messaging solution, service providers can leverage this powerful communications tool to better serve their customers. Business text messaging services are a great way for CSPs to improve market differentiation and expand commercial sales opportunities.

Business text messaging is a software-as-a-service application that enables small and medium businesses (SMBs) to use their local landline, toll-free, or VoIP phone numbers to send and receive SMS and MMS messages. Unlike SMS shortcodes (the often random 5- or 6-digit “phone numbers” companies use for promotions and alerts), business text messages are always clearly tied to a known business phone number. Driving real-time customer interactions, business text messaging enables SMS to evolve from a one-way information push to a high-value, two-way conversation that boosts sales and improves the customer experience.

SMBs can foster customer relationships, streamline interactions, and improve business performance by engaging individuals with simple and convenient two-way texting. It lets consumers interact with businesses in the same, familiar way they interact with friends and family members. It works; just search for SMS marketing or SMS trends and you’ll find some amazing statistics on how it breaks through the clutter. For instance, 98% of all SMS messages are read, compared to only 20% of emails, according to Adobe.

Business Text Messaging
The market demand and use cases are clear. SMBs will embrace this service as it helps them strengthen customer relationships; streamline sales, support, and marketing interactions; and improve business outcomes. In a noisy world where traditional communication mediums are often ignored, texting is a highly effective medium for customer engagement. 

We’ve launched our BTM solution purpose-built solution for service providers to deliver this compelling communications product to their commercial customers. This cloud-based product makes it easy for service providers to quickly get to market with this enhancement to their commercial services portfolio.  Justin Cooper, our EVP of Product & Customer Success, shares more about service providers’ opportunity to tap into this market in this Telecom Reseller podcast

Learn more about the use cases and key features in our new white paper Business Text Messaging: The CSP Opportunity

Business Text Messaging