7 Top White Label Hosted PBX Benefits (for Service Providers)

Offering a white label hosted PBX is a great way for service providers to differentiate themselves in this competitive market. But what is a white label hosted PBX, how does it work, and why do service providers want one? That’s what we’ll be discussing in this blog post!

What Is a White Label Hosted PBX?

A white label hosted PBX (private branch exchange) is a virtual phone system that allows service providers to offer on-premises or cloud-based VoIP services using their own branding — without having to build it themselves, purchase new hardware, or hire new IT specialists. It essentially allows small businesses to have their own enterprise-level phone system without all the hassle typically associated with it.

By leveraging a white label hosted PBX, you can offer a custom-branded VoIP system to any organization, large or small, and your customers will pay monthly fees for maintenance and support. This type of arrangement offers many benefits, such as:

  • Meet Client Needs. Clients get all the features they need without having to invest in expensive hardware (or hiring IT experts). Since white label services are customizable, you’ll be able to create a product that’s specific to the services your company offers.
  • Expanded Offering. Service providers can either offer white labeling as an additional service or, for more experienced VoIP providers with a large customer base, a white labeled hosted PBX might make sense as their primary offering!
  • Solutions Sustainability and Increased Automation. With a cloud communication system, service providers are freed from the time and effort needed to facilitate device upgrades, compatibility, deployment dates, end-of-life timelines, and more.
  • Rapid Deployment of New Functionality. Automatic distribution of new software updates through multiple channels ensures end users always have the latest security updates, compliance measures, and next-gen technology — without the need for intervention and maintenance from their service provider.

What You Get with a White Label Hosted PBX

A white label hosted PBX typically includes all the following features:

  • Unlimited extensions (virtual or physical)
  • Toll-free numbers (800 number)
  • Customizable IVR menus
  • Automatic call distribution
  • E911 compliant with no monthly fees for local numbers
  • Plus much more.

The benefits are clear: A white label hosted PBX is the best VoIP solution for service providers and their customers

White Label Hosted PBX

7 Top Benefits of White Label Hosted PBX (for Service Providers)

A white label hosted PBX is an easy-to-use phone system without any headaches for you or your customers. Here are top 7 reasons this type of solution is right for you:

1. Speed-to-Market. By leveraging an established, white label hosted PBX, service providers can offer their customers an affordable, market-ready solution, with their own branding. Also, since UCaaS solutions are typically deployed remotely, they can rapidly and easily provision to customers.

2. Increase Revenue. By incorporating a white label solution into their product portfolio, service providers can see a 23% revenue increase with consistency across all platforms.

3. Save Time and Money. Since no additional hardware is required, customers are less likely to experience a service outage. This means a reduction in problem tickets, strain on the IT team, and customer outage credits. Frequently, there are additional positive rippled effects, such as lower hold times with fewer callers, enhanced customer experience, and the ability to divert precious IT resources toward strategic endeavors.

4. Increase Customer Lifetime Value. COVID solidified the need for carrier-grade, remote communication tools. By expanding your solutions to incorporate a UCaaS white label offering, existing customers are 50% more likely to try your business’s new product and are 31% more likely to spend more on their average order value with your business. 

5. Operational Simplicity. A white label hosted PBX can, for instance, help to reduce workloads for service providers because it uses advanced technology to enable PBX-like functions without the need to purchase, install, or maintain a standalone PBX. In addition, the UCaaS provider typically manages time- and resource-intensive software maintenance, security enhancement, bug fixes, and more.

6. Customer Cost Savings. Service providers who offer white labeled VoIP solutions can offer their customers unlimited minutes, which is ideal from companies ranging from several employees to thousands.

7. Easily Maintained. Cloud-based management via a central server allows IT professionals to build, change and deploy features to all users at the touch of a button, allowing you to reallocate valuable assets back into your company’s growth. By outsourcing a to a third-party for a white label system, service providers can offer their customers an easy solution while freeing up capital, time, and employee resources that would have been used for PBX maintenance.

White Label Hosted PBX

White Label Support Branding: What's Included

Vetting and adding a new customer offering to your product suite can seem daunting, and support can be difficult without the right technical knowledge. However, established UCaaS providers will offer onboarding support, branded user guides, technical support, and more.

White label support gives providers an opportunity to support the product in with their own brand identity, creating a more personalized experience for end users. The best white label VoIP providers include the following:

  • Brandable customer administrative portals.
  • Ability to change the UI and UX to meet specific end user needs.
  • Custom interface color options throughout applicable interfaces.
  • Ability to hide or remove features that providers may not want end users to have access to, without removing the functionality.
  • Hard-code feature setting to both customize for specific customers and to standardize their offering to streamline selling and deployment.
  • Icon, label, and product names, including navigation icons.

Introducing Cymbus, Our Market-Ready Technology Brand

We know how important branding is. It’s so vital, in fact, that Alianza created a separate technology brand for you to leverage as your own, complete with its own website and end user Help Center.

Cymbus is a white label platform that offers not only a UCaaS solution but encompasses Alianza’s entire business communications suite of new and existing products and includes best-in-class collateral and end-user product documentation to ensure you’re meeting the demands of your business customers.

Make the Cymbus app your own, from basic aesthetic and logo changes to a fully overhauled user experience with customized features and specific settings. Let us work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs.

White Label Hosted PBX

Provide Cloud-Based Hosted PBX Under Your Own Brand to Your Customer Base

So if you need a reliable, feature-rich phone system partner with no equipment to install and an easy-to-use interface contact us today!

We can answer all of your white label VoIP questions in more detail by requesting a demo or call our offices.

Lauren Kennedy